Assignments and scores are imported from Google Classroom into the Categories and Assignments page of jmc Teacher. After your first successful sync, you'll see a new category named "Google Classroom". Move those assignments into one of your assignment categories to have the synced scores calculate into student percentages just as if you had entered them directly into your grade book!

To get started working with assignments in Google Classroom, log in to jmc Teacher and go to Scores > Categories and Assignments.

Step One: Click the assignment name link under the "Google Classroom" category for the assignment you'd like to move in the categories and assignments list.

Step Two (optional): Enter a new name for the assignment in the "Assignment Name" field.

Step Three: Select the new category for this assignment in the "Category Name" drop-down list to move the assignment to one of your existing grading categories.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update the assignment and move it into the new category.

Fun Fact: All the student scores attached to this assignment will move into the new category and adopt the weight of the category. This will allow scores imported from Google Classroom to count towards the student's grade in the course.

Step Five: Go to Scores > Assignment Scores to view scores imported from Google Classroom to ensure all the scores were imported as expected.

Helpful Tip: If you'd like to to change a score, please edit it in Google Classroom and either wait for the nightly import or click the "Import Scores from Google Classroom" button in jmc Teacher under Scores > Assignment Scores.

Fun Fact: If a score is not present in Google Classroom, it will be imported as a blank entry in Assignment Scores. These scores are eligible for editing to an alpha value such as:

  • X: Exempt

  • LX: Late Exempt

  • LI: Late Included

  • M: Missing

  • MI: Missing Included

  • HI: Handed In

  • P: Pending

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