The USDA's National School Lunch & School Breakfast Programs have been used to ensure millions of kids eat healthy breakfasts and lunches at school. jmc has partnered with the USDA and individual state governments to streamline this application process for both parents and school administrators.

To see if you qualify, log in to jmc Parent and go to Register for xxxx-xxxx and then click the "Meals Application" link.

Step One: Click "Next" to begin the application.

Step Two: Read each screen carefully and fill out the required information.

Step Three: Click "Next" to advance through the application.

Helpful Tip: The last screen is a summary of your answers. It is a good idea to print this for your records. To do so, use the print feature of your web browser.

Step Four: Click "Submit" only after you have filled out each question in the application accurately and completely.

Fun Fact: The office at your school will then be alerted about your application. You will receive a notification letter from your school detailing your application results.

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