Completing online registration in jmc Parent is easy and straightforward. Your district has put in the work of creating meaningful questions, uploading important documents, and providing applications that all lead to a better school year and student success.

To get started, log in to jmc Parent and click "Register for (school year)" in the menu tree.

The registration screens have a consistent layout to guide you through the process. You will see a "Back" button allowing you to navigate to a previous page. In the middle is a Progress Bar indicating how much of the process you have completed and what you still have left to do. Finally, in the upper-right you will see a "Next" button that you can use to advance to the next task.

You'll first be presented with the Registration Dashboard. This dashboard is your place to find all information pertaining to registration:

  • Custom Fields
  • Health Custom Fields
  • Lunch Balance
  • Tuition/Fees Balance
  • Downloadable Links
  • Meals Application

Step One: Click "Start/Continue the Registration Process" to get started.

Helpful Tip: Use this link to continue registration should you get interrupted before completing it.

Fun Fact: Next, you'll see district-provided instructions for completing registration. These instructions might include links to important documents or forms.

Step Two: Click "Next" after reading the instructions.

Step Three: Review and make necessary changes to your contact information. Click "Next".

Step Four: Review and make necessary changes to your student demographic information. Click "Next".

Step Five: Answer custom questions specifically created for you by your school district administration.

Fun Fact: Questions marked with an asterisk are required before moving on.

Step Six: Review and edit the emergency contacts listed for this student.

Step Seven: Answer custom health questions that your school has asked.

Step Eight: Click "Yes" beside the documents that are relevant to you and your student. These documents will be downloaded immediately.

Step Nine: Click "+ Add New Student" if you have a child that will be attending this school for the first time.

Step Ten: Enter any additional comments you would like to send to office personnel about your student or family. Then click "Finish".

Step Eleven: Read the district's finishing instructions and click "OK" to return to the dashboard.

Fun Fact: An email will be sent to you with your completed registration.

Back at the dashboard, you may have more options to complete. Click each link below for an instructional article.

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