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Managing your kiddo’s activities
Managing your kiddo’s activities

The Activities screen is a snapshot of your student's extracurricular calendar including locations and times to help get you there on time.

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Need to know when your student has play practice this week or where the soccer game is? Find out on the activities screen! Tap the Activities icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Step One: Swipe left or right to find the day you need.

Helpful Tip: A dot below the date indicates at least one activity event for that day.

Step Two: Tap a date to select it and view a list of events for that date.

Step Three: Tap an event to see additional details including the event date and time and location.

Fun Fact: The location of the event is clickable and will open the map application on your device to give directions to the event.

Step Four: Tap the back arrow (<) to return to the activities feed for your selected date.

Helpful Tip: Tap the calendar icon in the top navigation bar to quickly return to today’s date!

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