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Finding your way in the Hamburger Menu
Finding your way in the Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu holds a variety of information about your students' jmc school.

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The Hamburger Menu gives you access to school information, from making a lunch deposit to finding the school’s phone number. It’s all at your fingertips so you don’t have to search through your school’s website to find what you need. Here's what you need to know from A to Z regarding your kiddo’s school.

Step One: Tap the three bars in the upper left-hand corner to reveal the hamburger menu choices.

Step Two: Simply tap the menu item you'd like to view.

  • School Information: clickable links to your school's address, main phone number, and website

  • School Map: A map of your selected school building to easily find your way

  • School Bell Schedule: a list of start and stop times for each class period throughout the day

  • School Calendar: your school’s academic year calendar

  • Teachers: all teachers in the school listed with their picture, email link, and classes taught

  • Meal Balance: meal account balance for your family and student’s account, including the option to make a deposit right from within the app!

  • Menu: links to any of your district's meal menus

  • Settings: a variety of settings, from enabling touch id to adjusting student grade thresholds to customize your experience

  • Quick Links: easy access to frequently visited sites recommended by your school

Helpful Tip: If you have kiddos in two buildings in the district you will see a "More" link in the upper right on select screens. Clicking "More" will allow you to select a different school building to view information for that building instead.

Step Three: Click the "LOG OUT" link to log out of the jmc Family app. You will be required to sign in again the next time you use the app.

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