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Customizing your settings
Customizing your settings

There are many settings in the jmc Family app to customize your app experience to your needs.

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Customize the alerts you'd like to receive from your school with the Alert Settings and Class Grade Alerts that way you can be aware of when your student’s academics or meal balance needs your attention. Click the hamburger menu in the upper-left of the jmc Family app and tap the "Settings" link in the list to access your account and student settings.

Customizing your "Account Settings"

To customize the app for your family, set login and alert preferences in the “Account Settings” section.

Step One: Toggle “USE TOUCH ID FOR LOGIN” to enable/disable Touch/Face ID.

Step Two: Toggle “USE EMAIL FOR ALERTS” to begin receiving an email copy of dashboard alerts as they happen.

Step Three: Toggle “USE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FOR ALERTS” to receive push notifications for dashboard alerts so you can be notified even when the app is not open.

Step Four: Click the “SWITCH DISTRICTS” link to log in to a different district. Use this feature when you have a child in each of two districts.

Helpful Tip: You will be redirected to the school PIN code screen to enter the new district PIN.

"Student Notification Settings"

The Student Notification Settings allow you to personalize when you will be contacted about your kiddo’s academic career.

Step One: Tap a child's name to personalize notifications for the child.

Step Two: Enter your meal balance alert threshold to receive an email alert when your lunch balance dips below the set amount.

Step Three: Toggle on/off the score and attendance alerts to receive a push notification or email alert in the “ALERT SETTINGS” area as desired.

Fun Fact: The “ALERT SETTINGS” can also be set in your jmc Family portal.

Step Four: Enter the percentage threshold of when to be notified of your student’s class grade in the “CLASS GRADE ALERTS” section to be made aware of any changes in their progress.

Step Five: Click the “Save” button to save your settings.

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