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Make a deposit into a student or family lunch account using the Family app
Make a deposit into a student or family lunch account using the Family app

Ensure your kiddos have sufficient funds for their meals, with features such as easy navigation, saved payment methods, and email receipts.

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With the jmc Family app, effortlessly manage and make deposits into student or family lunch accounts, ensuring your kids always have funds for meals. Access the app's menu, navigate to the "Meal Balance" section, select the desired meal account, choose a payment method, enter the deposit amount, provide payment details, and submit your payment for a seamless and convenient experience.

Step One: Click the hamburger menu in the upper-left of the jmc Family app to access the menu tree.

Step Two: Click the "Meal Balance" link in the menu tree to access your current meal balance and deposit funds.

Step Three: Click the “Deposit” button to add money to your student or family meal account.

Step Four: Select the meal account into which you’d like to make a deposit using the meal account drop-down list.

Step Five: Select a saved account or create a new one in the “Saved Account” drop-down list.

Step Six: Enter your first and last name in the appropriate fields to ensure accurate identification for your transaction.

Helpful Tip: Check the “Save Account for later” circle to store your payment method for future use.

Step Seven: Enter the amount you’d like to deposit in the “Deposit Amount” field to reflect the payment you intend to make.

Step Eight: Enter your credit/debit card information or your bank account details in the appropriate fields to complete the transaction.

Step Nine: Enter your email address in the “Email Address” field to receive a receipt for your transaction.

Step Ten: Click the “Submit” button to process your payment, or click the "Cancel" button to cancel the transaction.

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