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Validate Minnesota SSIDs in bulk
Validate Minnesota SSIDs in bulk

jmc streamlines SSID validation for accurate state reporting, ensuring compliance and efficiency in attendance and demographic data.

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Validating student State IDs (SSIDs) is a crucial step in preparing for state reporting in Minnesota, and jmc Office provides an easy and efficient way to validate SSIDs in bulk. By accessing the Student State IDs (SSID) File, you can check for errors, fix any issues, and create a TXT file of validated SSID numbers to ensure accurate student identification for reporting attendance and demographic information to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). Streamline your MARSS data preparation and maintain compliance with state reporting requirements with jmc Office's streamlined SSID validation process.

To validate student IDs for all students or specific grade levels, log in to jmc Office and head to Minnesota > Student State IDs > Student State IDs (SSID) File.

Step One: Select "All" or a specific grade level from the "Select the grade level" drop-down list to validate student state IDs in bulk.

Helpful Tip: Need to acquire new SSIDs or to validate an SSID for an individual student? Check out the MDE website Student ID System.

Step Two: Click the "Check Errors" button to identify incomplete or inaccurate records listed on the Validation Summary page and fix any errors by heading to the View Student page.

Step Three: Repeat until you are error free to ensure an accurate SSID file.

Step Four: Click the "Create File" button to download a TXT file of students and their SSID numbers.

Step Five: Upload the SSID file to the MDE's Student Validation System to ensure all MARSS IDs are correct.

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