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Calculate attendance in Minnesota
Calculate attendance in Minnesota

Automate attendance calculation in jmc Office for accurate fall MARSS reporting, ensuring seamless state reporting.

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In jmc Office, the "Calculate Attendance" feature simplifies the process of updating attendance records for accurate student counts during fall MARSS reporting. By automatically entering attendance information, membership status, and end dates, this feature ensures seamless MARSS reporting and provides a comprehensive report for reference, highlighting any errors or changes made during the calculation process.

In jmc Office, visit Minnesota > MARSS > Calculate Attendance to begin automatically calculating attendance.

Step One: Click the “Calculate Attendance” button to update MARSS attendance records for all students in the building for state reporting purposes.

Helpful Tip: Regularly calculate attendance prior to the fall submission to identify and correct errors in data entry, ensuring a seamless state reporting process.

Step Two: Click the "Print" button to save a PDF or print a hard copy of the "Calculate Attendance" report for future reference.

Fun Fact: The "Calculate Attendance" report provides the number of modified student records and identifies errors that may hinder accurate state reporting.

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