Establishing students' membership status is a crucial part of ensuring accurate student counts for fall MARSS reporting. The "Calculate Attendance" feature automatically enters student attendance, membership status, end dates and end codes according to their attendance information and properly formats that data for seamless MARSS reporting.

In jmc Office, visit Minnesota > MARSS > Calculate Attendance to begin automatically calculating attendance.

Step One: Click the “Calculate Attendance” button to update MARSS attendance records for all students in the building for state reporting purposes.

Helpful Tip: Calculate attendance on a regular basis before the fall submission to find any errors and make corrections in your data entry to ensure smooth state reporting when the deadline approaches.

Step Two: Click the "Print" button to save a PDF or print a hard copy of the "Calculate Attendance" report for future reference.

Fun Fact: The "Calculate Attendance" report displays the number of student records changed during the attendance calculation process along with any errors that would prevent accurate state reporting.

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