In Minnesota, individual grade levels might need to meet different instructional requirements or include specific designations in order to receive proper funding. Schools can designate each grade level and pre-school subgroup with the appropriate number of instructional days, day length and school codes for state reporting purposes.

Log in to jmc Office and head to Minnesota > MARSS > Edit School Data to begin entering or editing school data for MARSS reporting.

Step One: Click the “Edit" link next to a grade level or grade 0 subgroup (KA, KB, KC, KD, KG, EC, or HK) to edit the grade level data in that particular row.

Step Two: Enter or select the grade level, day length, school number, title 1 designation or preschool subgroup associated with the grade level for MARSS using the appropriate fields and drop-down lists.

  • PK/KG: the grade level subgroup as preschool or kindergarten

  • Day Length (Minutes): the number of minutes in a typical school day for the selected grade level

  • School Number: the number for the jmc building that is providing instruction for the selected grade level

  • Title 1: the grade level offering Title 1 services

  • Preschool Groups: the MARSS VPK code that designates the selected Preschool Group as part of the VPK program

Step Three: Click the “Update" link to save your changes or the “Cancel” link to discard.

Step Four: Repeat steps one through three to edit school data for each grade level in your school.

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