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Check for errors before submitting fall MARSS files
Check for errors before submitting fall MARSS files

Verify data accuracy for MARSS reporting in Minnesota for a seamless submission to the Department of Education.

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Prior to submitting the fall MARSS files (school "MARSS A File" and student "MARSS B File") to the Minnesota Department of Education, it is essential to verify the accuracy of your school and student data. With jmc Office's "Check MARSS Errors" feature, you can easily identify any missing information, address any issues, and guarantee precise reporting, thus avoiding reminders or potential financial consequences from the Department of Education. Make the most of this feature to ensure a seamless and error-free submission process while completing your fall reporting.

To review any errors in your fall data, simply log in to jmc Office and navigate Minnesota > MARSS > Capture Fall Files.

Step One: Click the “Check MARSS Errors” button to display a list of any MARSS errors that jmc recognizes.

Step Two (optional): Click the "Print" button to print the MARSS errors for reference, and use the information to navigate to the appropriate jmc module for correcting any indicated errors in your school or student data.

Step Three: Repeat Step one and two of the process to check for MARSS errors until your data is error-free.

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