Save your district money and/or a reminder from the department of education by verifying that your data includes all of the necessary information prior to submitting your school ("MARSS A File") and student ("MARSS B File") to the MDE. In jmc Office, the "Check MARSS Errors" feature helps you identify missing school or student information so you can resolve any issues before submitting them to the MDE.

To check your Fall data errors log in to jmc Office and navigate to Minnesota > MARSS > Capture Fall Files.

Step One: Click the “Check MARSS Errors” button to display a list of any MARSS errors that jmc recognizes.

Step Two (Optional): Click the "Print" button to print the MARSS errors for reference.

Helpful Tip: Head to the appropriate jmc module to correct any errors indicated in the report.

Step Three: Repeat Step One and Step Two to check for MARSS errors until you are error free.

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