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Print a "Perkins" report

The "Carl Perkins" report in jmc Office tracks Perkins program activity for easy reporting to the MDE.

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The Carl Perkins Report in jmc Office provides a comprehensive overview of Perkins program-related activity in your school, allowing you to easily track and manage CTE information. By associating Perkins program and course codes to corresponding jmc courses, you can run the report to view a list of participating students, course minutes, grades, proficiency, and other data that will be submitted to the MDE during Perkins reporting. Accessing and utilizing the Carl Perkins Report is a straightforward process, providing valuable insights and ensuring accurate documentation of CTE records for your school.

To run your Perkins report, head to Minnesota > Perkins > Carl Perkins Report.

Step One: Click the "Preview" button to view a full report of Perkins CTE information displayed in the window.

Fun Fact: The Carl Perkins Report displays the student name, grade level, MARSS number, jmc course name, Perkins program and course code, and the number of minutes the student attended the course along with their proficiency level for easy reference.

Helpful Tip: Attach the correct Perkins program and course codes to the appropriate jmc courses to resolve the "No Records Found" message and ensure that CTE records appear on the Carl Perkins Report when students receive course grades.

Step Two: Click the "Print" button to save a PDF or print a copy of your report for further review.

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