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Create a licensed staff employment record for Minnesota STAR reporting
Create a licensed staff employment record for Minnesota STAR reporting

Entering licensed staff members' employment information into jmc will help you create the necessary files for Minnesota STAR reporting.

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Save time and avoid the hassle of manually entering staff data into the Minnesota STAR site by creating licensed staff employment records in jmc Office! Simply add each licensed staff member utilizing demographic data for existing teachers, then enter information requested from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) on the "Licensed Staff" page to maintain a complete file of licensed staff for easy STAR reporting.

To start entering your licensed staff employment data, head to Minnesota > STAR > Licensed Staff.

Step One: Click the "Add New Staff" button to create a new licensed staff employment record for STAR reporting.

Helpful Tip: Review the existing licensed STAR employment records by entering the staff member's name in the "Find" field to avoid creating a duplicate record.

Step Two (optional): Place a checkmark in the "jmc Teacher" checkbox and select the appropriate teacher from the drop-down list to automatically populate demographic information for a STAR licensed employee that already has a jmc Teacher profile.

Step Three: Enter all necessary employment details for the staff member in the appropriate fields to provide complete licensed employment data in your STAR report and to avoid file errors.

Helpful Tip: Use the Staff Automated Report (STAR) Coding Manual provided by the MDE to help you format the employment details accurately.

Step Four: Click the "Update" button to save the new licensed staff record.

Step Five: Click the "Delete" button to remove a staff member from the STAR licensed employee roster.

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