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Check for errors before submitting STAR files
Check for errors before submitting STAR files

Check for errors on the STAR Validate Data page to make sure your STAR data is valid before sending it on to the state!

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Preparing your licensed and non-licensed staff data in jmc for STAR reporting simplifies error checking before sending your files to the state. By clicking a button, you can quickly validate your staff data and receive a list of errors to address before submission. This process ensures that your staff files are error-free, instilling confidence when you finally submit them to the state.

To validate your staff data for STAR reporting, go to Minnesota > STAR > Validate Data.

Step One: Click the "Validate Data" button to generate a list of errors for Licensed Staff, Licensed Staff Assignments, and Non-Licensed Staff.

Fun Fact: If there are no errors, the page will refresh and nothing will appear in the window indicating that you are ready to send your data to the state!

Step Two: Click the "Print" button to print the list of errors that are displayed for reference while fixing your staff data errors.

Step Three: Repeat steps one and two to check for STAR data errors until your data is error-free.

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