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Create staff files for STAR reporting
Create staff files for STAR reporting

Let jmc create your Licensed Staff Employment (LA), Licensed Staff Assignment (LB), and Non-Licensed Staff (NA) files for STAR reporting.

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Simplify your Staff Automated Reporting (STAR) in Minnesota by generating all the necessary files with just a few clicks in jmc Office. Conveniently capture all three essential files (LA, LB, and NA) required for STAR reporting from one central location. Select the file you need to create, and with the click of a button, you'll be fully prepared for your STAR submission, streamlining the reporting process.

To create your school's STAR files, go to Minnesota > STAR > Capture Files.

Step One: Choose the appropriate radio button to select the file type you would like to create for STAR submission to the state.

  • Licensed Staff Employment 'LA': licensed employment records listed in the STAR module

  • Licensed Staff Assignment 'LB': licensed staff assignments in listed in the STAR module

  • Non-Licensed Staff Employment 'NA': non-licensed staff members listed in the STAR module

Step Two: Click the "Create File" button to download your selected STAR staff file for use in your school's annual STAR reporting.

Step Three: Repeat steps one and two to create all files needed for STAR reporting.

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