Printing STAR staff data

Stay on top of your staffing credentials and assignments by printing your STAR staff data.

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Get a quick overview of your STAR staff data, including folder numbers, birthdates, assignments, and more, by visiting the "Print Data" page within jmc's STAR module. You can easily view or print individual STAR staff reports, or opt to compile all your STAR staff data records into a single comprehensive report, providing you with a complete view of your school's STAR staff information.

View your STAR staff data in jmc Office by heading to Minnesota > STAR > Print Data.

Step One: Place a check mark in one or more of the staff type checkboxes to indicate what staff data you would like to preview or print from the following options:

  • Licensed Staff Employment: employment data for your school's licensed staff as included in your LA file for STAR reporting

  • Licensed Staff Assignment: licensed employee staff assignments as listed in your LB file STAR submission

  • NonLicensed Staff Employment: employment data for all non-licensed employees included in your NA file for STAR reporting

Step Two: Click the "Preview" button to view the selected STAR staff report.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print the selected STAR staff data report.

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