Student enrollment history records provide attendance and enrollment details to the state to ensure accurate student counts throughout the year. Importing records from a prior year in jmc establishes an enrollment history record for the current year and allows you to avoid individually updating enrollment records such as a students' resident district, resident county and foster care status for each student that is already in your system.

Head to the Nebraska > Enrollment History > Import Enrollment History from Prior Year to update enrollment history records with just one click!

Step One: Click the "Import" button to execute the process of importing enrollment history for your district from the prior year.

Helpful Tip: Upon reviewing the "Enrollment History Import Summary" you might find student records that need to be updated manually. Simply click the "Print Import Summary" button to create a hard copy for reference while manually updating enrollment history records on the View Student Data Page.

Step Three: Click the "Cancel Import Summary" button when you are done viewing the summary to return to the import page.

Fun Fact: The "Import" button will be disabled until the NDE certifies jmc for the upcoming school year to avoid incorrect enrollment data being reported to the state.

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