Teachers can now provide updates to families about what is going on in their classroom right from within jmc Teacher through Classroom News. Entries are viewable in the Family app in real-time! What a great way to communicate news, events, and happenings directly to families! To update your classroom news, head to jmc Teacher and click Family App > Classroom News.

Step One: Select the course you’d like to update in the "Courses" drop-down list.

Step Two: Click the "Add New" link to enter your classroom news.

Step Three: Enter your news update in the "Classroom News" field.

Helpful Tip: Have a big test coming up? Need to wrangle those permission slips? Did a student rock a project or win an award? Let everyone know!

Step Four: Click the "Update" link to publish your news or "Cancel" to discard.

Helpful Tip: Your news will now be saved in the "News List" box.

Fun Fact: For easy reference later click the entry date and time located in the "News List" box to review your classroom news entry at a later date.

Helpful Tip: Edit your entry by clicking the "Edit" link or delete it by clicking the "Delete" link.

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