The email messaging feature in jmc Teacher brings teachers and families closer together by offering efficient communication between teachers and families. Teachers can email students and their contacts with just a few clicks to keep everyone informed. Email to a class, all advisees, or even your roster of students if you are the coach of an activity!

To start sending emails to students and contacts assigned to you through classes, activities or through your advisor role, head to the Message Center.

Step One: Select a radio button from the "Select" box to identify which contacts will receive your message.

  • By Course: select one or more of your courses by clicking the course name in the "Select" box.

  • By Random: select one or more of your students by clicking their name in the "Find" box. Need help finding a student? Begin entering their name in the "Find" field to jump to a specific student.

  • By Advisory Group: selecting this radio button will send a message to all students assigned to you as your advisee.

  • By Activity: If you have been assigned an activity (musical director, football coach, etc.) you can send messages to your activities roster by selecting the activity name in the "Activities" box.

Step Two: Select the "Email" radio button from the "Message Type" box to indicate you'd like to send an email.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the checkbox for who should receive the email.

  • Message Primary Contact: primary contact only

  • Message Students: student email addresses

Helpful Tip: Select both "Message Primary Contact" and "Message Students" if you'd like the information to go to both families and students.

Step Four: Click the "OK" button when you are ready to craft your message.

Step Five: Enter a "Reply to Address" in the appropriate field to receive replies to your email message.

Helpful Tip: Enter Cc or Bcc addresses to carbon or blind copy additional recipients.

Step Six: Enter a "Subject" in the appropriate field to give recipients a sneak peek as to what your message is all about.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Choose File" button to attach a file to be sent with your email message.

Step Seven: Create the message you'd like to send in the message box.

Helpful Tip: Add a little pizzazz to your message using the formatting tools.

Step Eight: Click the "Send" button to send the message.

Helpful Tip: After sending the email message, the list of names that were emailed as well as names not emailed will appear on the page to verify the intended delivery.

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