Did a fellow teacher report a discipline referral for one of your students today? Or did the office create a new discipline infraction for them? When a discipline record or referral is created, an alert will be generated for every teacher with the student in class in the current term to better stay in the know.

There are three ways a teacher can get alerted for a student's discipline infraction.

First, an alert will be displayed as a pop-up to the teacher when visiting the Assignment Scores page. The alert will state, "Student '(Student Name)' has a discipline referral today."

Step One: Click the "OK" button to clear the message and continue using the Assignment Scores page.

Second, a quick link labeled "New Discipline events today" will appear in the upper-right corner of the page throughout jmc Teacher. The information displayed will show students who have either a pending or accepted discipline referral today.

Step One: Click the "New Discipline events today" link to view information about the infraction.

Step Two: Click the "x" to return to the Assignment Scores screen.

Third, the blue informational "i" icon which appears next to each student's name on the Assignment Scores page will turn into a red exclamation mark to further alert the teacher of a disciplinary infraction.

Step One: Click the red exclamation mark to view the discipline information as well as all the other information by clicking the blue "i" icon.

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