The Minnesota Department of Education requires an upload of a P-EBT data file in order to apply for benefits. jmc provides an export procedure to easily produce that file. However, automatic text formatting can cause your upload to fail. Let's fix those formatting issues before we send it in. We'll be working in Microsoft Excel here.

Step One: Open Microsoft Excel and open a new, blank workbook to begin the import process.

Step Two: Use Excel's Text Import Wizard to import the P-EBT file that you exported using this article.

Step Three: Click the "Delimited" radio button to specify your file type choice that you are importing. Click the "Next" button to advance.

Step Four: Check the "Comma" checkbox to specify the "Delimiter" type. Click the "Next" button to advance.

Step Five: Highlight all columns in the "Data Preview" box by sliding the scroll bar at the bottom of the "Data Preview" box all the way to the right. Then Shift-Click the far right column to include all columns.

Step Five: Click the "Text" radio button to select your column data format for all columns.

Step Seven: Click the "Finish" button to import the data in the P-EBT export file.

Step Eight: Save the file using Excel's save procedure. Then, edit the data as needed.

Helpful Tip: To avoid errors in uploading your P-EBT file to the state, please don't change the format of any of the data.

Step Nine: When you are done editing the data, save the file as a comma-separated file (CSV).

Step Ten: Congrats! Your file is ready to send to MDE!

Need additional help? Visit Microsoft's Excel help site. Want more info about Minnesota's P-EBT program? Check this site.

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