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Troubleshooting the jmc family app
Troubleshooting the jmc family app

Experiencing some issues downloading, installing, or navigating your jmc Family app? Look below for some FAQ's.

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jmc developers worked hard to make the jmc Family app a robust communication tool while keeping the interface as simple and easy to use as the rest of our software. However, we realize that things happen and mobile devices are unique and challenging in some ways. Hopefully, this quick troubleshooting guide can help you get back to getting the most out of the jmc Family app.

I am unable to download the app on my mobile device.

  • Do you have enough space available on your mobile device to install apps? Apple iPhone and iPad users read this apple support article to see if enough storage exists on your device to install the jmc Family app. Android users check here.

  • Are you using the correct Apple ID or Google Play Store account? Normally the account associated with your device and with either store is the only one you are allowed to download apps with.

  • Is your cellular data signal or wi-fi signal strong enough where you are to download apps? Many times moving to a place where the signal is stronger will allow you to download apps.

I cannot get past the "PIN Code" screen.

  • You must enter a valid school district pin code to tie the Family app to the proper district. If you don't know your district pin code, head over to the login screen on the Family portal. Look for "Mobile PIN Code" under the reset password link!

  • Does your school have the jmc Family portal turned on? The jmc Family app works in conjunction with the jmc Family portal. Schools that have chosen not to use the Family portal will not have access to the jmc Family app.

I can't log in.

  • Your jmc Family login is the same one used for the jmc Family portal. If you can successfully log in to the portal, you should be able to log in to the app. Please verify that the login and password combination matches what you normally use in the Family portal.

  • Did you accidentally enter an incorrect PIN code. No problem! Just click the "Switch Districts" link at the bottom of the login screen to be taken back to the PIN code screen.

  • Did you forget your Username and/or Password? Don't worry, they're both easy to get. Simply click the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" link on the login screen. Then, enter your email address. You'll be emailed instructions on resetting your username or password in no time!

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