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Stay in the know of all things academic
Stay in the know of all things academic

The Academics tab in the jmc Family app provides access to everything classroom grade related for your children.

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There is a wealth of information on the academics tab of the jmc Family app. In fact, there is so much that we had to split it up into four more screens! See a bird’s-eye view of your student’s academic world, including GPAs, upcoming and past assignments, teachers, and progress report information.

The four areas within the academics area are

Calendar: view all assignments for your students' classes in a familiar calendar format.

  • Dates containing assignments are marked with a dot for easy reference.

  • The detail for each student's assignment includes its course, teacher, due date, points possible, and the score received if it has been completed.

  • Assignments for all your kiddos are listed together by date so you don't need to search for each student's assignment list separately.

Grades: view your students' GPAs, grades, and progress reports broken down by class.

  • View current GPAs without waiting for a report card.

  • See a current grade for each of your student's classes.

  • Click down into each class to see an assignment level view of their progress.

News: see updates posted for each class by their teachers

  • Lists all classroom news posts with the class name and date from each of your children's teachers.

  • News posts are listed under an unread group and a read group.

  • Each news post detail includes a link to email the teacher directly.

Teachers: includes all teachers that your students have for class in one place.

  • View all your kiddos' teachers for the year.

  • See each teacher's photo, a clickable email address for them, and when your student has their class.

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