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Checking your kiddo’s GPA and Progress Reports on the fly
Checking your kiddo’s GPA and Progress Reports on the fly

See your student's GPA and progress report information for all their classes at anytime with a tap of your finger.

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How is your student doing overall? Check their GPA and progress reports on the fly so there are no surprises at the end of the term. Tap the Academics icon on the bottom navigation bar and then the "GRADES" subheading.

Step One: Depending upon the school's settings, you may see up to three GPAs for your child:

  • Term GPA: GPA for the current grading term

  • Year GPA: GPA for all courses this school year

  • Cumulative GPA: GPA including courses counting toward graduation

Helpful Tip: The GPAs update automatically as your child’s grades change so you always have an up-to-date GPA.

Fun Fact: If your student has an incomplete GPA due to a missing score, an asterisk will appear on the GPA.

Step Two: Tap your kiddo’s GPA to get a grade summary by course including a letter grade and grade percentage. If recent progress information has been published by the teacher you will see an "Updated" date above the course name.

Step Three: Tap a course in the list to view your student's progress report for the course.

Helpful Tip: Pinch and zoom to get a closer look at your kiddo's progress report!

Step Four: Tap the back arrow (<) to return to the "Grade Info" screen.

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