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Track assignments in Academics
Track assignments in Academics

See all assignments your student is working on and how they did on past assignments.

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Want to see what assignments are due for a certain class this week or how your kiddo did on that essay yesterday? Tap the Academics icon on the bottom navigation bar and then the "CALENDAR" sub-navigation.

Step One: Swipe left or right to scroll through calendar dates.

Helpful Tip: A dot below the date indicates at least one assignment is due for that day.

Step Two: Tap a date to select and view a list of assignments for that date.

Step Three: Tap an assignment to see additional details including an email link to the teacher, the assignment name, total points possible, and your kiddo's score on the assignment.

Fun Fact: The teacher’s email address can be tapped to send the teacher a quick note.

Step Four: Tap the back arrow (<) to return to the list of assignments for your selected date.

Helpful Tip: Tap the calendar icon in the top navigation bar to quickly return to today’s date!

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