Student/contact associations is the mechanism that allows the jmc software to funnel student information to the correct contacts based upon the Contact Type. For example, defining contacts for students allows you to view siblings to improve communication with families. Also, with student/contact associations family accounting is supported for meal and tuition/fee accounts.

View or edit student/contact associations for each student on the View Student Data page in jmc Office.

The following information is stored when creating a student/contact association:

  • Contact Type: the relationship between the student and the contact.

  • Description: an optional description to better describe the relationship between the contact and student.

  • In Mailings: whether the contact is included in student-related mailings or not.

  • In Reports: whether the contact is included on reports or not.

  • Lunch Access: whether a primary contact can make lunch account deposits or not.

  • T/F Access: whether a primary contact has the ability to make fee account payments or not.

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