For busy teachers, jmc offers a host of tools to simplify student assessment, attendance reporting, and classroom management. From seating charts to competency-based grading, message center to teacher conference scheduler, and progress reports to test scores, jmc puts teachers at the front of the class.

jmc Teacher is comprised of the following components:

Classroom Attendance
The Classroom Attendance tracks the daily absences of each classroom. It allows users to track student data, attendance records, contact info, and more all from one convenient, centralized location.


Clear, timely communication is vital to managing any school system. Our Communication module makes it easy to keep track of student communication records and interactions, whether positive or negative, about a student or their caregiver, or take place during school or outside of a school setting. Teachers can use the module for quick and immediate communication with the front office. Admins can use it to easily export reports broken down by reporter, student information, date, and/or detail of communication.

Competency-Based Grading

Tailor assessments and grading standards to students' needs with jmc's Competency-Based Grading module. The module allows teachers to use any goal, target, standard, power standard, or “I Can” statement for assessment. Link assignments to benchmarks to quickly calculate results, generate custom standards and benchmarks report cards, and more.


Tracking student behavior can take away valuable time from teaching. The Discipline module allows teachers to quickly record disciplinary interactions and relay them to the front office, where administrators can share them with families and anyone else who needs up-to-date information on a student’s behavior. Create your own problem behaviors and actions or choose from a list of predefined ones included in the module.


Relationship building is a hallmark of a great educator. jmc's Homeroom module gives teachers the information they need to build strong relationships with students they mentor. Authorized school staff can use the module to view the progress, contact details, health history, and other available information of any student in their digital homeroom, even students they don't directly teach.

Message Center

Communication is key at jmc! Message Center, our fully integrated voice, email, and text messaging module, makes it easy for schools to build positive relationships with their families and students. With Message Center, users can direct messages to specific groups by grade level, activity, course, and even bus number. Record and save common messages for future use, or use our text-to-voice feature to type a message that will be read by your choice of a male or female voice when the call is placed.

Scores (Gradebook)

Digital gradebooks can save time, simplify tracking and reporting, and promote increased transparency with teachers, students, and families. With jmc's Gradebook module, teachers can complete their typical grading work more efficiently, as well as a range of related administrative tasks. Track student grades on assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects; calculate and submit grades by term (semester, quarter, trimester or hex); generate and email progress reports; and much more.

Teacher Conference Scheduler

The Teacher Conference Scheduler module streamlines teacher conference scheduling---no more juggling paper sign-up sheets! The module allows schools to post-conference schedules online so families can sign up for available time slots themselves. Teachers can set the time and length of conferences, reserve blocks and/or override appointments on behalf of families, and send confirmation and reminder emails if desired.


Sending regular progress reports is a great way for teachers to communicate with their students' families. With jmc's Reports module, teachers can quickly run and email a variety of reports to families, including overviews of student progress, missing scores, class assignments, and more.

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