The jmc Point of Sale portal is one of the major components of foodservice organization. Avoid long and slow-moving lunch lines by quickly identifying students and charging them appropriately for their food items based upon their grade level and free/reduced price meal status.

The Point of Sale allows foodservice professionals to scan or enter student codes to access student lunch accounts and is the central hub of meal purchases. It is used in conjunction with jmc Office and jmc Family, the Point of Sale compliments many features built within jmc software. Families can make deposits into lunch accounts in jmc Family, office professionals can manage lunch accounts and run reports in jmc Office and the Point of Sale charges the correct meals and a la carte items to the student accounts!

The Point of Sale portal is comprised of the following:

  • Student Lookup: options to scan barcodes or manually enter numbers associated with student accounts

  • Student Verification: displays that include a students name, photo, lunch balance and important messages from the office

  • Keypad Shortcuts: shortcuts for charging for full meals, extra milk and a la carte items

  • A La Cartes: a list displaying the a la carte items and their prices

  • Error Remediation: Quick and easy ways to fix errors as they occur in day to day operations

  • Transaction Log: a list of all transactions occurring at the point of sale

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