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Analyzing discipline reports in jmc Office
Analyzing discipline reports in jmc Office

jmc's Discipline module provides both detail level and summary level views of your student discipline records through a variety of reports.

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jmc's Disciple module in jmc Office has a variety of reports to give your office staff and administration individual student detail level and school-wide level views into the discipline record data you track. Analyzing discipline records lends insight into possible patterns, which if addressed, can help reduce future discipline incidents.

There are three discipline reports available to your office staff to keep an eye on students, query for discipline patterns, and summarize discipline actions within your school.


Gives you all student discipline records in one report for any date range within the school year. The report offers options to subtotal by behaviors, to include comments, to email each student's Primary contacts, and to export the report.

Discipline Query

Query a specific problem behavior and/or action in a date range. Selection criteria includes a minimum or maximum number of occurrences, which problem behaviors/actions, and what date range, including a number of sorting options, the option to include incident detail, and the option to export the report information to a csv file.

Discipline Summary

Shows you total number and percentages of discipline records for a grade range or for a specified date range; summaries include breakdowns by problem behavior, action, location, day of the week, reporting person, and more with a bar graph for easy review of the data.

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