The Edit Student Lunch Data page lets you view all the details of a student's lunch account, including the student's lunch status, balance, meal, and a la carte purchases, and lunch contact name so you are up to date on recent purchases and the current account balance.

Log in to jmc Office and head to Lunch > Data > Edit Student Lunch Data to view the full transaction history for a student, including current balance and how to print a list of transactions.

Step One: Select the student to view by entering the student's name in the "Find" field.

Fun Fact: View the student's "ID", "Lunch Contact Information", "Current Family Balance", "Lunch Status", "Grade", and "Birth Date (Age)" for a more detailed depiction of the student and their account.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Allow Charges" checkbox to let the student charge purchases against their account at the point of sale instead of requiring cash.

Step Three: Click the "Print Transactions" button to print a list of all transactions listed on the page for later reference.

Step Four: Click the "Print Notice" button to print a balance notice for the student's family, including the current account balance to remind the family to make a payment.

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