Everyone benefits from an accurate record of discipline violations. Through jmc Teacher, a referral can be created and submitted to jmc Office for processing. A referral can then be accepted or modified by office professionals. In addition, a notification can be sent to the appropriate individual regarding the infraction to keep them in the know.

Let's enter the discipline referral to alert the office staff. In jmc Teacher, go to Discipline > Discipline Referrals.

Step One: Select the student to add a referral to by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Fun Fact: Place a checkmark in the "All Students" checkbox to view all students in the building if your jmc administrator enables this feature for your school.

Step Two: Click the "Add New" button to enter a new discipline referral.

Step Three: Enter the appropriate information using the corresponding drop-down lists and fields to add further details to the discipline record:

  • Date: enter or update the pre-filled date if the incident took place on a different date or click the calendar icon

  • Time: enter or update the pre-filled time in the "Time" field if the incident occurred at a different time

  • Problem Behavior: select a problem behavior from the "Problem Behavior" drop-down and give a description of the behavior

  • Incident Location: select the location the incident occurred from the "Incident Location" drop-down list to indicate the location the behavior occurred

  • Incident Location Detail: enter any detail related to the incident location in the "Incident Location: field to further explain the location

  • Severity: select the severity of the incident from the "Severity" drop-down list to document the extent of the severity

  • Motivation: select the motivation from the "Motivation" drop-down list

  • Action 1: select the 1st action from the "Action 1" drop-down list to indicate that action taken

  • Action 2: select the 2nd action from the "Action 2" drop-down list

  • Comment: Enter any additional comments in the "Comment" box to share any additional information relating to the incident

Step Four: Click the "Send to Office" button to record and send your discipline referral or click the "Cancel" button to discard your entry.

Fun Fact: A list of your previously entered pending and accepted discipline referrals appear in the "Pending Discipline Referrals" and "Accepted Discipline Referrals" boxes for easy reference at a later date.

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