Your prospective new school district will send you a URL to take you to their new family enrollment page. Head to the link you received to fill out your student's demographic data and information. When finished, submit the information to kick off the enrollment process with the district. Welcome!

Step One: Click the "New Enrollment" icon to open the new family enrollment application link.

Step Two: Enter your family's contact information in the "Enter parent/guardian information" fields.

Helpful Tip: If you are a married couple both of the parents'/guardians' information should be entered. Example: First: Susan and Pat, Last: Smith

Step Three: Click the "+ Add New Contact" button to begin entering other contacts who will be associated with your child.

Helpful Tip: Examples of other contacts here would be emergency contacts, grandparents, day care providers, health care providers, etc.

Step Four: Enter the contact information for all of the contacts you are adding.

Step Five: Click the "Save" button to save this new contact.

Helpful Tip: Repeat steps three through five for each additional contact you want to add.

Step Six: Click the "+ Add New Student" button to begin entering your child's information.

Step Seven: Enter the student information in the appropriate fields.

Step Eight: Click the "Save" button to save the student record information.

Step Nine: Enter any extra comments you would like the school to know about your family's enrollment.

Step Ten: Enter the security code at the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button to send your new enrollment information to the school district.

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