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New Family Enrollment
Navigating new family enrollment
Navigating new family enrollment

Families wishing to enroll their students in your district for the first time can go online to submit student information to you.

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We all love it when new families with kids move into our district because our enrollment grows, and every school wants more students, right?!

The new family enrollment module allows new families to quickly enter their demographic data and information about students who are going to be newly enrolled in your district from the comfort of their home. Once they submit their data, new contact and student records are created with a click of your button!

The New Family Enrollment module consists of three features to ease the transition of new students into your district by keeping the process online.

Demographic Data and Information

There are three types of information a family will enter for you to review.

  • Parent/Guardian information: name, address, email addresses, phone numbers, and more

  • Additional Contacts information: names of other adult contacts and their relationship to the student

  • Student information: name, grade, birth date, gender, cell phone, home language, IEP/504 status, and previous school information

Family Enrollment Forms

After a family submits their demographic data and information online, the information is ready for you to review and accept or reject.

  • Review any notes from the family

  • Review new family enrollment submissions information and choose to reject or accept the new family contact information, creating new contact records populated with the new information

  • Review the submitted new student information and decide if you'd like to import this information into new student records

Family Enrollment Settings

There are a couple of setup steps to be completed before inviting new families to enroll in your district!

  • Turn on the new family enrollment feature for your whole school district

  • Set up responses families will receive after submitting their information:

    • Auto-response: customize the message families will automatically receive from your school district after they submit application information

    • Accepted application response: sent to a family if you accept their submitted online family enrollment application information

    • Rejected application response: sent in the rare case you don't accept a submitted application

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