The Discipline module in jmc Teacher is broken into two sections: discipline referrals and discipline summary. Teachers submit discipline referrals to jmc Office where they are reviewed and added to student discipline histories. The summary report gives teachers access to breakdown summary information similar to jmc Office's summary report.

To get started, log in to jmc Teacher and navigate to "Discipline" in the menu tree.

Discipline Referrals

  • Enter and submit a discipline infraction to jmc Office for review and inclusion in the student's discipline history.

  • View a student's accepted and pending discipline referrals.

Discipline Summary

  • View a summary of all of a student's discipline referrals for a specified date range; including breakdowns by problem behavior, action, and reporting person.

  • View the total number and percentages of discipline referrals with a bar graph for easy review of the data

Helpful Tip: State reporting of discipline records varies by state. For example, in Iowa only records with predefined Problem Behaviors and specific Actions will be included in a school’s SRI data submission.

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