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Review submitted online student contact information
Review submitted online student contact information

Accept, reject, or modify each contact's information submitted by families during the online registration process.

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During online registration, families submit new and revised information for their students, and office staff can approve or reject the changes. In jmc Office, the Contact Data page is where office staff will review each family's parent contact submission and decide to accept it into the student's record or to reject/ignore it. The proposed modification to the contacts record will be displayed for each contact submission.

In jmc Office, navigate to jmc Family > Online Registration > Merge Data > Contact Data to start approving submissions.

Step One: Select a contact to review from the "Modified Contacts” list in the upper left box.

Helpful Tip: When selecting a contact, the contact's changes will be displayed in the "Proposed Modifications" list for your easy review.

Step Two: Verify that you agree with the information submitted in the "Proposed Modifications" list to accept this change.

Helpful Tip: Simply uncheck any checkbox to prevent that specific change from updating in jmc Office. All other "Proposed Modifications" will update.

Fun Fact: If the family entered a note with the submission, it will appear in the "Note From Parent" field.

Step Three: Click the “Accept” button to save the changes to the student’s record or click the "Reject" button to ignore all proposed changes to a student's record.

Step Four: Click the "Print" button to create a copy for future reference.

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