Sometimes students are pulled from a class during the middle of a term. The student has put a lot of time and effort into the class up until this point and all kinds of student learning data has accumulated in the process. jmc Office professionals might want to accept partial credit for the course but the teachers no longer need to see that data on a daily basis. The data still exists but it can be hidden in jmc Teacher.

When a student is withdrawn from a class using the "Student Section Details and Overrides" link in jmc Office (Schedules > Student > Edit Schedules) two things happen: they are removed from classroom attendance and they become inactive in the gradebook.

Classroom Attendance
The student that has been withdrawn from a course will no longer appear in the Classroom Attendance > Enter Attendance page effective the date of their withdraw to keep your attendance roster clean and uncluttered with students no longer in your class.

In Scores > Assignment Scores, withdrawn students will no longer show up in the list of active students. Teachers can still access assignment scores by clicking on the "Show Inactive Students" quick link. Inactive students will appear on the assignment scores list with an asterisk next to their name indicating that they are no longer an active student in that class. To toggle back to the active students view, click on the "Hide Inactive Students" quick link.

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