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Finding available course numbers for elementary and middle school scheduling
Finding available course numbers for elementary and middle school scheduling

Keep things tidy by finding advantageous spots in your organized list of course numbers for new courses.

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Are you needing to add a few courses to your existing schedule? Find the best course number to use by examining its location in the course directory and considering its grouping with other courses.

Keeping your course directory organized helps throughout the scheduling processing by making similar courses easy to select as a group. Find out how to identify available course numbers to choose from in jmc Office using Schedules > Course > Course Data List.

Step One: Select the "Course Number and Name" radio button to view the names of the all courses in course number order.

Step Two: Remove the checkmark from the "Only Include Courses With Students Enrolled" checkbox to include available (unused) and used course numbers in the Course Data List.

Step Three: Click the "Preview" button to view a list of all current and available courses.

Step Four: Note the course numbers with a blank course name to identify a sequential group of available (unused) course numbers.

Helpful Tip: Organizing your courses sequentially into numbered groups will help during the scheduling process when selecting groups of courses since similar courses will be located next to each other for quick access.

  • For example, consider grouping all courses taught by a teacher sequentially: "300 1st Reading Smith", "301 1st Writing Smith", "302 1st Math Smith", "303 1st Social Studies Smith", and "304 1st PE Smith".

Now that you've found an available course number it is time to create courses for elementary and middle school scheduling.

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