The discipline module in jmc Teacher gives a high-level view of discipline activity for students in your courses or school-wide. Use the discipline summary report to view and print an overview of student actions and referrals for a specific date range or for the entire year. View the total number and percentages of discipline referrals with a bar graph for easy review of the data.

Log in to jmc Teacher and head to Discipline > Discipline Summary to run a discipline summary report.

Step One: Select the type of report you'd like to run using the "Report" drop-down list.

Step Two: Click the "All" or "Date Range" radio buttons to indicate the time span for your report.

  • All: all discipline records for the school year

  • Date Range: enter a start date and an end date in the calendar fields to narrow the information included in the report to just the date range specified.

Step Three (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Include All Students" checkbox to view a discipline summary for all students in the school instead of just student's in your classes.

Step Four: Click the "Preview" button to preview the report.

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the report.

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