Teachers and everyone in the professional learning community need to analyze all kinds of student data to make decisions that improve student achievement. jmc specializes in data collection and reporting! Teachers can collect student achievement data and arrange it in a variety of customizable formats to help facilitate the "data digs" that are the foundation for every great team meeting!

All of the jmc Teacher reports help to gain insight into the quantities of data about your students. Let's take a look at the reports available in jmc Teacher!

Individual Student Progress Report

In Scores > Assignment scores, click on the student's name to get a full grade report of the individual student including the course and class period, the student's advisor, the course grade and percentage, all assignments and dates as well as any notes associated with student scores. View competency-based grading results as well as a legend explaining symbols and colors used in the scoring process. This is the same view students and families will see in jmc Student and jmc Family!

Progress Reports

View and print progress reports for all (or specifically selected) students by class. Arrange to view students above a specific % or below a specific %. Add customizable comments and email progress reports home to students and families right from jmc Teacher. Send progress reports to the office so the office can print out all reports without having to collate data from every teacher and class. Have a student for multiple classes? Save on paper by consolidating all of that student's classes to a one-page report!

Missing Scores report

Run a report that shows all students that are missing scores. Enter a message and attach it to the report indicating final due dates for missing work. Arrange students by name or if you want to keep it confidential, view and print by student number. Hang that list on the door so students can see if they have missing work to make up!

Student Summary

Think of this report as the skinny version of a student progress report. Want to view an individual student or selected student's course grade and assignments? This report will give you a condensed view of all of that information in one spot. Choose the course, select the student(s), preview, and then print the reports!

Assignment summary

View and print a list of results by a single assignment. Arrange your list of results by student name or by percentage in ascending or descending order. Want a 10,000-foot view of how the students in your class are doing with a specific assignment? Place a checkmark in the "Include Grade Distribution Graph" checkbox and view a handy bar graph that displays grade distribution. Maintain anonymity by viewing by student number instead of name.

Grade Summary

This report prints student grades as of the date entered. View and print all students with their overall grade by student number or name. Consolidate all courses into one report under a student name to view all grades from a particular teacher for a student. Sort by ascending and descending percentages.

Class Assignments

Have students that need to see a list of all assignments in jmc with all points possible? View and print out a list of all assignments entered for a specific class. This feature is handy as an overview of all skills covered in a class.

Blank Score Sheets

Print a blank gradebook page with student names in a grid view. With columns and space to manually enter information, blank score sheets come in handy for everything from checking out books and assigning book numbers to checking off permission slips for field trips.

Student Name and Number List

View and print a list of all students in a class including student names and numbers.

Student Lists
This is the mother of all reports! Use this feature to run a variety of customized reports in jmc Teacher. Select items to include in the list (everything from all common information, activities, attendance, bus route, contacts, course sections, digital equity and more). Select a range of students to view/print (view all active students or just your students or view specific grades and ranges). Choose a sorting method to view your list according to your customized criteria. Print your lists, export them to a spreadsheet and save your list query for later use!

Student Assessment Summary Report

If you are using Standards and Benchmarks run an assessment report of a specific benchmark or standard. This feature is extremely helpful in data analysis in elementary PLC groups. Center your conversations around specific standards and pull the student achievement data to set the foundation of your discussion.

Student Standardized Test Query

Run reports of student scores on any standardized test results that are entered into jmc. Everything from ACT scores to FAST assessments to state assessment data.

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