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Set up recurring lunch payments in jmc Family
Set up recurring lunch payments in jmc Family

Initiate automatic school lunch payments so you will never have to worry about forgetting to add funds to your kid's school lunch account.

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Managing lunch payments for your family has never been easier thanks to the recurring lunch payment feature in jmc Family. Once you log in, you only need to enter your payment information one time to automate online payments for your family's lunch accounts on a monthly basis or whenever the account balance reaches a certain amount. With recurring lunch payments, you can rest assured that your kiddos will always have sufficient funds in their lunch accounts without the need to constantly log in to the Family portal.

To set up recurring lunch payments, please log in to your jmc Family account and navigate to the Lunch menu item.

โ€‹Step One: Click the "Manage Recurring Payments" link under Quick Links on the right side of the page to begin setting up recurring payments.

Step Two: Select "Lunch Payments" from the "Payment Type" drop-down list to set recurring payments for a lunch account.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Auto Payments" checkbox to open the "Auto Recharge" page and begin enabling recurring payments.

Step Four: Select the "Balance" or "Monthly" radio button to specify the frequency of a recurring payment.

Step Five: Enter the amount to be deposited into your account in the "Deposit Amount" field.

Step Six: Select "New Account" from the "Payment Method" drop-down list and fill out the appropriate fields to add a new payment method.

Helpful Tip: Select an existing account from the "Payment Method" drop-down list to speed up the checkout process by utilizing a saved payment method.

Step Seven: Click the "Save" button to start your recurring payment on the date or when the balance reaches the amount defined in step four.

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