Since the inception of the Common Core, teachers have been done a tremendous amount of work regarding core standards, including but not limited to unpacking standards, identifying key teaching points, and defining proficiency.

jmc supports teachers in their efforts by helping organize all that information in one fully customizable and easily accessible place so they can assess work, provide feedback opportunities to stakeholders, and move student learning forward!

Here's what the Competency-Based Grading module and jmc can do!

Fully Customizable!
One of the greatest advantages of jmc's CBG interface is the ability to customize the features to fit your building's needs.

  • Customize Language: Do you use the terms "Power Standards", "Priority Standards", "Essential Standards", "Learning Goals", "Learning Targets", "I can" or "I understand statements" within your building? Use jmc Office to customize the language references to Assessment Areas and Formative Assessments in jmc Teacher to match.

  • Customize Proficiency Scales: Create your own color-coded, custom-named proficiency scale using the values you assign to each label. Create the look of the result you want to display to your students. Use letter symbols and describe in detail what those letter symbols mean. Display your proficiency scale for all stakeholders in jmc Student and jmc Family

  • Customize Displays: Create the view you would like to use to display your information in CBG. Design the order of your students on the grid view. View one student at a time, view one formative assessment at a time, or view the entire class. Utilize reports to get a snapshot of how your students are doing on specific assessments, with specific standards, or with the class as a whole. View a horizontal learning progression within a standard and easily view how students are growing toward proficiency.

  • Add notes: We all know about the importance of feedback, but what about feed-forward? Use notes when providing feedback on learning opportunities to explain the next steps for students to reach their learning goals. Notes will be displayed for jmc Teachers and administrators in jmc Office on formative assessment reports and will be viewable for all stakeholders in jmc Student and jmc Family.

Calculate Competency-Based Grading Results to a letter grade!
While the aim of standard-based grading is to get students to focus on learning the material, in middle school and high school settings, letter grades are still important. Many post-secondary institutions still use GPAs, class rank, and letter grades so jmc allows CBG results to be calculated to produce a course grade.

Set your grade cutoffs accordingly, set your assessment areas to calculate to an assignment score when defining formative assessments, and set your calculation options to convert CBG results to letter grades. In addition, jmc offers several different calculation methods to allow users to choose the method that fits your best practice. Use results from the most recent assessment, choose a target proficiency, or set up decaying averages to provide the clearest possible picture of student learning.

Display competency-based grading results on a standards and benchmarks report card!

Traditional standards-based report cards already reflect student learning in relation to a standard. jmc's CBG module allows teachers to keep a running record of student proficiency of standards throughout the term while still reporting those standards at the end of the term.

Use the valuable formative assessment data collected within the CBG module for data-based decision-making purposes and explore the opportunity to collaborate on and make decisions that will move learning forward. Utilize standards and benchmark report cards for storing data in student cumulative folders and run reports on specific standards.

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