Recurring payments allow you to schedule payments for tuition or fees spread out over several months. Setup recurring payments in jmc Family to help make smaller monthly payments toward a large tuition or fee charge when you are unable to pay all charges immediately. Simply select how many months you want the payment to be spread over and which day of the month you'd like to make the payment so you'll never be surprised again.

Log in to jmc Family and head to the Tuition/Fees screen to set up recurring payments.

Step One: Click the "Manage Recurring Payments" link under Quick Links on the right side of the page.

Step Two: Place a checkbox in the "Enable Auto Payments" checkbox to enable recurring payments.

Step Three: Select how many months to make payments to pay off the balance using the "Months" drop-down list.

Step Four: Select the day of the month to make the payment each month using the "Deposit Day of the Month" drop-down list.

Step Five: Select the fees you want to pay with recurring payments in the "Fees" box.

Step Six: Select the payment method for the recurring payments in the "Payment Method" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: Select "New Account" from the "Payment Method" drop-down list to add a new payment method and fill out the appropriate fields.

Step Seven: Click the "Save" button to start your recurring payment.

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