jmc's General Store has your school rocking like the marketing department at Nike and these reports will help you manage it! You have created categories and items complete with pricing in jmc Office. Community members have started ordering merchandise through the General Store portal and orders are rolling into your school.

jmc Office users and account managers will need a way to keep track of it all. Activities Directors will want to keep track of the merchandise heading out of the school and the revenue it is producing. And business managers will want to see the money that is being deposited into school bank accounts so they can allocate the money from the categories into specific expense accounts.

View important order information, sort orders, print and export information to CSV files from jmc Office by heading to General Store and clicking on the "Activity Tab".

Step One: Enter the "From" and "To" dates in the appropriate fields to view purchases over a specific period of time or simply click the calendar icons.

Step Two: Click the "Edit" link next to the order number to edit details about a specific order such as the delivered status.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Delivered" checkbox to mark the order as delivered.

Step Four: Click the "Update" link to save changes made to a specific order or click the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: Click the arrow next to an order to view an itemized list of purchased items along with the cost of each item.

Step Five: Click a column in the grid view to sort purchasing data by one of the following categories:

  • Status: sort purchases by the delivery status

  • Order Number: sort purchases by chronological order number

  • Total Cost: sort purchases by the total cost

  • Account: sort purchases by account name

  • Comment: sort purchases by comment

  • Transaction Date: sort purchases by the date they were processed

Step Six: Click the user name in the "Account" row to view all purchases and totals for that specific user.

Fun Fact: If users have multiple orders, all orders will show in this window.

Step Seven: Click the "Print" button to print the list of orders or click the Excel icon to export the data to a spreadsheet.

Finally no more illegible and mutilated T-shirt order forms, no more pennies to count or cash to try to keep track of! jmc has streamlined the process for collecting order forms and money from folks that want to support your school.

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