We realize you may teach similar material each year, so why retype the same categories and assignments each year? Use the categories and assignments import feature to save you from re-entering the same information year after year. Not only can you pick and choose which categories and assignments to pull up to the new year, but other teacher's categories and assignments are available for you to import as well!

In jmc Teacher head to Scores > Categories and Assignments to begin importing categories and assignments from last year's classes!

Step One: Select the course using the "Courses" drop-down list to begin entering categories.

Step Two: Click the "Import" button to begin selecting categories and assignments from another class taught last year.

Step Three: Select the teacher from the "Teacher" drop-down list in the "Prior Year" box to access a class from the previous year.

Step Four: Select the course from the "Course" drop-down list in the "Prior Year" box to access the categories from the class last year.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to each category and assignment you would like to import into the current year class.

Step Six: Select the current year course from the "Course" drop-down list in the "Current Year" box to import prior year data to this year's course.

Step Seven: Click the "Import" button to transfer the categories and assignments you selected to the current year course.

Step Eight: Click the "Close" button to close the import popup window. The imported categories and assignments will now appear in your course's list of categories and assignments!

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