jmc's General Store allows you to list items for sale in your school's online store to drive revenue for your school programs. Add as many items as you wish and include a picture, description, size options, and prices to take them from meh to WOW.

Let's get those items added to the store so those orders start rolling in! Get started by going to the General Store "Inventory" tab to add items to sell.

Step One: Select a category for a new item to sell using the "Category" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: At least one category must be entered before you are able to add an item to sell.

Step Two: Click the "Add item to sell" button to define a new item for sale.

Step Three: Enter the item name in the "Name" field.

Step Four: Select the first attribute using the first "Attribute" drop-down list.

Fun Fact: A pop-up will display allowing you to set the price.

Step Five: Enter the item price in the "Price" field.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to save your new item or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Step Seven (optional): Select a secondary attribute using the second "Attribute" drop-down list.

Step Eight (optional): Upload a photo of the item for users to view by clicking the "Upload Photo" button.

Step Nine: Enter the total number of items available for purchase in the "Total Available" field.

Step Ten: Enter a description in the "Description" field to add more detail about the item.

Step Eleven: Click the "Save" button to enter your new item for sale or click the "Cancel" button to exit.

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