Customer Spotlight: Christopher Cooper

Name: Chris Cooper

Title: Guidance counselor

School / Location: Banner County Schools - Harrisburg, NE

Which features within jmc do you use the most throughout the day?

I use the student data view and edit functions on a daily basis throughout the year. I love having all that student-specific data right there, and all the different tabs that allow us to move in and out of things like enrollment and special programs. Right now, I'm also using the scheduling module a lot because we're looking at scheduling for next year.

Which features do you think everyone should use?

Message Center. It's very helpful, and there are all kinds of options to send messages to teachers, students, staff, parents, and to keep a log of those communications so you can keep track of what has been communicated and when. This is a big one for us, which was a surprise because at first, we didn't think we would use it that much.

What is your favorite jmc feature? How does it help ease your workload?

The support is the reason we moved to jmc. You're always going to have problems with any SIS, but I just know with jmc that it's going to get resolved, and that's been huge for us. I also love that you can submit a feature request right there [in the software], and I would encourage people to take that seriously. Multiple things that we have submitted there have been implemented, so it's not like you're sending it out into the void like with a lot of software companies. It feels like those features are actually looked at regularly, and worked on regularly. And I really appreciate that.

Thanks, Chris for the kind words and for sharing your perspective. Are you a jmc superfan that would like to participate in our Customer Spotlight series? Email our Head of Marketing for more information!

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