jmc provides a versatile and dynamic platform for scheduling students that is perfect for any MTSS situation. Easily schedule students in a system that can change daily by placing and optionally locking students into your offerings. Get the students the support they need when they need it with jmc's flex scheduler.

To create flex time rosters in jmc Teacher, head to Edit > Flex Schedules

Step One: Click the flex time period in the "Flex Times" box to access the offerings for that date.

Step Two: Select the flex time offering in the "My Offerings" box and click the "Edit Offering" link to edit the roster for that offering.

Step Three: Select a radio button to narrow the displayed list of students in the "Available Students" box. Then select from the appropriate drop-down lists highlighted below.

  • Grades: enter a grade level range in the "From Grade" and "To Grade" drop-down lists

  • Courses: select one of your courses using the "Courses" drop-down list

  • Advisees: view the list of your advisees

Step Four: Select a student's name from the "Available Students" box to add them to the "Selected Students" box.

Fun Fact: After selecting a student to one of your offerings, they will appear on other teachers' "Available Students" lists as "SELECTED BY" you. For example: "McElmury, John (SELECTED BY: Mrs. Teacher - Flex Offering Name)".

Step Five (optional): Place a checkmark next to a student under the "Lock" column in the "Selected Students" box to lock the student into the offering so they may not select another offering during the current flex time.

A few fun facts

  • When a student is already locked into another teacher's offering, the student will appear on the "Available Students" list as locked by that teacher. For example: "McElmury, John (LOCKED BY: Mrs. Teacher - Flex Offering Name)"

  • A locked student cannot remove themselves from the locked offering, but the lock can be overridden if deemed necessary by another teacher or the office by selecting the locked student into their offering instead.

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the "Offering Private to Selected Students" checkbox to limit the offering only to the students in your "Selected Students" box.

Step Seven: Click the "Save" button to finish adding students to the flex offering roster or click the "Close" button to continue without saving.

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