After flex periods have been set using the flex schedule calendar in jmc Office, you are ready to create course offerings for those periods. jmc empowers teachers to choose a flex period, name an offering, list a room number and set a capacity for each offering. Even select whether to make the offering private to selected students right in jmc Teacher!

To create an offering for the flex scheduler from jmc Teacher, head to Edit > Flex Schedules.

Step One: Select a scheduled flex period from the "Flex Times" box to add an offering for a specific flex period.

Step Two: Click the "Add Offering" link to begin entering a new offering to the flex schedule.

Step Three: Enter a name for the offering in the "Name" field to help students distinguish this offering from offerings from other teachers.

Helpful Tip: Creating an MTSS flex offering? Name the offering by the skill you are teaching during the flex period. For example "Research Paper Help", or "Geometry", or "Civil War Review".

Step Four: Select a room from the "Room" drop-down list to inform students where the flex time offering will meet.

Step Five: Enter a number in the "Capacity" field to limit the number of students that can be added to the offering.

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the "Offering Private to Selected Students" checkbox to prevent students from signing themselves up for the flex offering and instead make the offering available only to students you select.

Step Seven: Click the "Save" button to add the offering to the "My Offerings" list, or click the "Close" button to discard your new offering.

Step Eight (optional): Click the "Edit Offering" link to make edits to the currently selected offering in the "My Offerings" box.

Step Nine (optional): Click the "Delete Offering" link to delete the currently selected offering in the "My Offerings" box.

Step Ten: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the currently selected offering's roster.

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